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Nature-based learning.

Play-based development.

Wildflower Early Learning Center is an early childhood daycare program serving 3-5-year olds. We are open 6:30am to 6:00pm Monday-Friday. We strive to provide high-quality education through hands-on exploration. We use children’s curiosity and sense of wonder to fuel investigations and in-depth project work. We capitalize on real-life teachable moments to promote self-confidence, deepen social relationships, reinforce problem-solving skills, and strengthen connections to the environment. We hope children who spend part of their childhood at Wildflower ELC will be better-prepared citizens for our shared tomorrow.

"We're very lucky our little girl is able to attend Wildflower ELC. She loves going to school every day, and always comes home happy. The gorgeous property provides endless opportunity for the kids to be outside exploring, playing, building, planting and learning. The staff is extremely kind, helpful and creative. On top of basic learning she's also learning important social values and appreciation for our natural environment. We deeply appreciate this school and its great team."

Wildflower ELC Parent

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