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At Wildflower, we believe that early childhood years are a time when children are doing some of their most important learning and discovering – not only about academic knowledge and facts but also (and more importantly) about themselves.  Our curriculum is an eclectic mix of the current best practices in early childhood education.  We see your child as a naturally competent and capable learner that learns best through hands-on, real, and meaningful experiences – both through independent discovery as well as within a group-learning experience.  We know and advocate that your child also learns best when they have formed trusting relationships with the adults and peers in their lives, so we make it a high priority that your child feels connected, safe, and seen within the Wildflower community.  We also believe a child’s place is in and amongst nature, so we will spend much of our time outside, year-round and as weather permits, looking closely and asking questions about all the things we see out there. 




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